We provide a range of support services to members.

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The comprehensive website provides a full range of the latest professional ideas, information and services for all members including but not limited to:

  • quality on-line and off-line learning opportunities
  • networking opportunities with teachers across the UK
  • quality on-line resources
  • electronic discussion board and on-line blogging opportunities to present and discuss ideas and curriculum issues
  • access to Primary Teacher Network conferences, individual and on-line professional learning events, and publications at discounted rates
  • access to active communities of learning
  • inclusion in on-line and off-line mentoring opportunities
  • acknowledgement and celebration of achievements
  • education news updates

The Primary Teacher Network establishes the views of its members on a range of issues through:

  • forums for members to participate in the consultation process on matters pertinent to primary teachers
  • videoconferencing forum events for rural and regional members to provide opportunities to gather a range of feedback that accurately reflects the opinions and positions of members across the UK
  • formal and informal surveys of members’ views for consultation purposes
  • compilation of feedback from all Primary Teacher Network consultation sources for submission to government agencies.

To influence the nature and implementation of the primary curriculum, representation of UK primary teachers is further supported by the Primary Teacher Network through:

  • representation at national events and on curriculum development groups
  • direct discussions with local and central government officials regarding the views of members.

Conditions of Membership

  • Membership costs £25 per person, per year. (If you represent a school wishing to sign up all staff members please contact us and we can offer a discounted rate.)
  • Membership is NOT TRANSFERABLE.
  • Refunds are not available for Primary Teacher Network membership.

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